Friday, August 27, 2010

15. Viva La Nails

Soo I know I have been sucking at updating my blog... SORRY! I got out of school and have been taking advantage of the great August weather in Seattle. I received Viva La Nails Sample Pack on Friday last week and decided I should finally fix my nails lol. I went to a Seahawks game last Saturday, so I decided I should do a mani for it. Here it is! I used Color Club - Wild Child, a blue Art Club (didn't have a name), and some stars I got from Viva La Nails!

The stars didn't stay on too well, they didn't bend at all so they kind of stuck out. It was kind of annoying too because I have long hair and my nails kept getting stuck in my hair because of the stars....This was taken 2 days after the mani (a day after the football game, which we lost). I can't wait to use the rest of the products I got from Viva La Nails!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

14. My First Plain French

Heyy! I'm still alive!! I've been busy wrapping up summer quarter and such so I haven't had much time to do much with my nail :( I have a french mani I did last week though! This was my first plain french! It turned up pretty okay, which was surprising. I spiffed it up with some Konad stickers. I used OPI - Alpine Snow for the tips and OPI - Time-less is More on the whole nail.

I first painted my tips and didn't care about if I made a straight line or not. Then I took a brush dipped in acetone and shaped the tip to how I wanted it to look. I added a 2 coats of OPI - Time-less is More & added the stickers. Pretty easy, but the stickers don't really show up... poo :(

I'm done with school next Wednesday!!! I will have a lot of time to waste :) & I don't start school again until October :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

13. Loooovee

So my boyfriend, Keith, came on Monday and brought over nail polish that his mom bought for me! They were both Nicole by OPI. One was a blue heart glitter called Honey-Dew You Love Me? The other is a purple/pink with hidden shimmer called I Have a Plumb Thumb. They're both really pretty! I put on I Have a Plumb Thumb, but I didn't have much time to paint my nails so I skipped the base coat & top coat. I really love this color though, I've had it on for a couple of days, even though my application was crappy I still don't want to take it off. Here it is:

I like the formula of the polish, it was very easy to apply. The brush was good too, not problems with it. This was 2 coats.


Monday, August 2, 2010


So I was at Bartell's (a local Seattle drugstore) to check if they had Sinful Colors - Green Ocean (I know that they will probably never get it again, but you never know!). Usually Bartell's doesn't have the new collections but they did!! I was so excited and they were buy one get one half off. The had only two left of Slippers & Galaxy. & only 1 left of Belle & Star. Of course I had to get them all. They didn't have the creams left though, but I wasn't interested in those. haha
Here they are (I know these pics are bad, I can't find a place with good lighting...)

I can't wait to use these, I might swatch them later. I have a midterm this Thursday, paper due next Monday, presentation in 2 Mondays, & another midterm in 3 weeks. I'm pretty busy :(