Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Dasher :(

My boyfriend's family's dog, Dasher, has been sick for a couple of weeks and today she was put down :(. She was 77 years old (in dog years). In her honor I did gold nails (she was a Golden Retriever) with a pink bow because when she went to the groomer she would get a pink bow and she would immediately attempt to take it off.

I used:
China Glaze - Mega Bite
Pink rhinestones
Heart fimo clay slice

Chg - Mega Bite is a gold scattered holo. Seeing as since I didn't take the pictures under natural sunlight you miss the holo of it in the pictures, but it really isn't very holo in real life unless you look at it really close.

Here's a closer up picture of it:

I'll miss Dasher a lot, I met her when she was old and knew she would die soon but I was hoping it wouldn't have happened until later. My boyfriend and his dad took her to the vet today where they found out she had a tumor in her spleen and she didn't have many more days. She was a goofy dog who loved her duck jerky... RIP Dash <3.


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