Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nail Art Supplies!

I made an order at 2 Thursdays ago and finally got them on Monday! Here they are:

I got M45 (french tips w/ designs), M57 (animal prints, etc.), & M79 (dots & clouds, etc.) I'm really excited to use them, I was experimenting the other day and I kind of failed so hopefully next time goes more smoothly.. I also got nail stickers!

I decided on these pink & white rose stickers because my sorority's flower is the pink rose & my boyfriend's fraternity rose is the white rose. I'm thinking of using them during sorority recruitment, we'll see though.
After work today I stoped by this Japanese Dollar Store, Daiso, and bought some cute rhinestones.

Cute flower shapes!

& cute heart shapes!

I can't wait to use these all, I probably shouldn't use them all at once though... could look like a disaster. lol I'm painting my nails soon after I do some reading for school.

Thank you to all my new followers <3 I'm happy to see my blog is actually being read now! <3

edit: ahh sorry all these pics are blurry... I took them at night so I had to use a lamp and didn't use flash. They looked pretty clear from afar :x



  1. lol, i just order the first two plates last week! great buys.

    check out my blog @

  2. I can't wait to see you use these!